Top tips for buying an apartment as an investment

Expert tips

Real estate expert Andrew Winter, suggests choosing an apartment in an area where the unit features something unique to what houses in the area offers, such as water views, closer proximity to the station or other amenities*.

He also stresses the importance of choosing the right location, “Apartment living in outer suburban locations and rural areas is just not the norm. When something is not normal in the housing market it is often not sought by buyers” or renters for that matter. Inner city and urban locations are preferable for renters and future buyers and he believes should be considered as the preferable option by investors.

Be aware of the fees

Once a seller hands their property over, you immediately inherit all of the attached council and strata fees.

Strata fees cover the property’s grouped maintenance and building insurance fees and are collected by the building’s owners’ or manager. These fees are ongoing costs that will continue to absorb your finances, generally quarterly, even after your initial property purchase payment, so it’s important to incorporate these into your ongoing budget.

Understand the ratio of renters vs owner occupiers

The more central a building is the more popular it will be with the rental market and as an investor this can be positive. However, if the whole block is rental stock, it can affect demand. Tenants have more choice putting the power in their hands to negotiate on the price. Try and find out the ratio of renters to owner occupiers.


Property experts agree that buyers should look for an apartment with light, views and practicality. In addition to that Andrew Winter suggests buyers “avoid units with no outlook or those that look on to air conditioning condensers or a solid brick wall” if you own a property like this expect the price to allow for this negative as many buyers won’t consider this aspect no matter how cheap.

What level is best?

Experts also suggest not paying a huge premium for apartments on higher floor in high rise buildings. Many renters and future buyers don’t like being over the 5th or 6th floor. Whilst young professionals may love a view from up high – they may not love being blown away every time they step outside.

If you’re looking at an apartment in a quieter suburb, your tenants will most likely be young families or empty nesters. These tenants often look for easily accessible but safe, smaller apartment blocks with a unit of the first two floors.

Outside space

Property expert Andrew Winter suggests that whenever possible you should buy an apartment with a balcony or terrace and ideally ensure it is big enough to put a table and 2 chairs. It offers a huge bonus to the people who live there and makes your property more popular for renters and buyers down the track.

Apartments are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and if you’re careful with your investment selection and pay the right price they are very popular with renters and can pay dividends in the future when you go to sell.

There is a whole generation of people leaving home or migrating to Australia who are looking at apartment living as their preferred choice. Buying an apartment as an investment is as safe as houses – if you buy the right one.

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